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We've been delving into the consulting world, even discussing a role model. And guess what? We're not done! We're now giving you Career Hacks about the contrasts between Big 4 and Big 3 consulting firms, application process differences, and free online courses to boost your CV.

Difference Between Big 3 (MBB) and Big 4

In the consulting industry, two main leader categories exist: Big Three (MBB) and Big Four. The Big Three—McKinsey & Company, BCG, and Bain & Company—are known for strategic advice, while the Big Four (EY, PwC, Deloitte, KPMG) offer global strategic consulting along with their accounting services. The Big Three focus on C-suite, while the Big Four serve various levels, both leveraging deep industry knowledge.

Recruitment Process

Recruitment approaches differ within the Big Three (MBB) and the Big Four due to the distinctions in their services. MBB prioritizes recruiting strategic minds using case interviews. On the other hand, the Big Four places emphasis on a broad range of skills and backgrounds, assessing adaptability through a combination of technical and behavioral interviews.

Enhancing CV and Knowledge

Industry internships expand practical knowledge, while consulting projects demonstrate experience. Develop soft skills like teamwork through workshops and extracurriculars. Strengthen your CV with courses in data analysis, project management, communication, and tools like Excel and PowerPoint. Here are recommended courses for a well-rounded skill set.

Recommended Courses:

  • Coursera: "Introduction to Data Science" by University of Washington.
  • edX: "Project Management MicroMasters" by RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology).
  • Khan Academy: "Communication Skills" course.
  • Google's Analytics Academy: Data analytics and digital marketing courses.
  • HubSpot Academy: Inbound marketing, content strategy, and sales courses.
  • LinkedIn Learning: Various business and consulting-related courses

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