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Oracle Solicitors is a UK commercial law firm with six offices worldwide. Our teams of highly qualified solicitors and lawyers have been advising over 2,500+ clients on a wide range of disputes since 2012. Our client base ranges from start-ups and medium-sized companies to large corporations, which we advise on a wide range of commercial law issues.  At Oracle, we always pursue a non-negotiable quality standard that is geared to the needs of our clients without exception and is characterized by mutual equality and transparency. Our highest credo is to offer our clients tailor-made solutions that are in line with their interests. In order to live up to this claim in the face of constantly growing global challenges, we at Oracle are convinced that our intercultural understanding is an indispensable prerequisite for our corporate success.  

Our young and dynamic corporate culture thrives on cultural diversity and our endeavor not to pay mere lip service to diversity and inclusion, but to create continuous added value through the active participation and integration of people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. Our values are an integral part of what we do and that is why we are delighted to be able to connect with diverse and exciting individuals at this year's ADAN Career Day.

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