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Meet Sara and follow along as she takes us behind thescenes and shares her experiences.

What originally made you interested in ourcompany/this position and what are your daily tasks?

I started playing musical instruments at an early agein my childhood. It was always clear to me that I wanted to do something withmusic at some point. After graduating from high school, I began my studies inmusicology and cultural studies. When I had studied for one or two semesters, Iheard about a student job at BMG through a fellow student. That's how I endedup at BMG in the Corporate Communications department back in 2012. I rememberthat time well and always had BMG in mind as a great employer. After mymaster's degree, PhD and a few years in neuroscience research, I decided tomove into HR and employer branding.

At that exact time, a position as a recruiter at BMGwas advertised and I had just started further education at IU as an HRGeneralist. Although I had no work experience in recruiting and employerbranding, I was given the opportunity to prove myself here.

What I particularly like is the constant exchange withnew applicants, but also colleagues. The work always remains exciting because Iwork with different people every day. In the field of employer branding, Iparticularly like the fact that it's so versatile and that I can contribute tomaking current topics visible.

What do you particularly like and why do you likeworking for the company?

I particularly like the respectful way colleaguesinteract with each other. The internal communication is always very nice andyou don't have to be afraid to make a mistake. When you meet in the coffeekitchen, you also get to talk to new faces and make contact with people withwhom you might not otherwise have any contact.

What aspects of the company's culture particularlyappeal to you, and how can you contribute?

I'm impressed by the company's efforts to ensurecomprehensive transparency, both towards employees and the artists itrepresents. While this is not always consistently possible in the applicationprocess, we still do everything we can to communicate our company values toapplicants. In fact, we often hear from applicants that they have alreadylearned from acquaintances that BMG is highly regarded as a place to work.

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